Northern Voices: Leah Lemm at the Indigenous Farming Conference

May 27, 2020

Shirley Nordum is an educator with University of Minnesota Extension in Cass Lake.  Leah Lemm talks with her at the Indigenous Farming Conference held in Callaway last March about her session called Unintended Consequences.

Today, I’m back at the Indigenous Farming Conference in Callaway Minnesota. The conference is hosted by the White Earth Land Recovery Project and is surrounded by the idyllic Maplelag Resort. The resort is full of conversations about seed saving, solar power, foraging, and so much more. It’s early March, so we’re not yet in an official pandemic, but we’re having plenty of conversations about it! And we’re all spending extra extra time washing our hands. It’s right after lunch and we all gather in a large room with couches to relax on as Shirley Nordrum begins her presentation… Shirley’s presentation is called Unintended Consequences. There are good intentions when it comes to taking care of our environment, but Shirley looks at ways that that has created unforeseen results.