New Performing Arts Center in Hackensack!

Sep 23, 2019

"Every student is unique... I'm actually teaching a 61 year old saxophone player right now, who is a beginning saxophone player, and he is doing so great...if you're learning an instrument that's new to you, the first step is really exploring that instrument. Really getting to know that instrument and playing it in a way where you're being more creative and there's really no judgement and then at the same time we have a six level music theory system that helps people learn to read and understand music notation and theory's very free form and focused at the same time, if that makes sense." Kiki Carter Webb on helping students of all ages get past the fear of learning an instrument.

"Kokoro" is a Japanese word that describes the unified energies of the mind, heart and spirit.  In this vein of the strong bond of mind, heart and spirit, the Kokora Center for Music and the Arts offers courses in the performance arts to students of all ages.  Piano, saxophone, guitar, ukulele, songwriting, voice lessons and much more are offered at the Kokoro Center.  Open mic nights that invite music, poetry and spoken word performances begin October 10th, doors open at 6:30, performances start at 7pm.  The next season of classes starts Monday, September 30th.  To register for classes or inquire about an area you'd like to take classes in, call 218-831-0942 or find Kokoro Center for Music and the Performing Arts Facebook Page.

"I love to perform, but I have really missed teaching.  And getting in there and watching somebody start discovering their gifts... it's amazing." Kiki Carter Webb