MN Writer Gretchen Anthony's New Novel: The Kids Are Gonna Ask

Aug 3, 2020

Credit M. Brian Hartz

Though it has been 4 years since the death of their mother, 17 year-old twins Savannah and Thomas McClair, and their grandmother Maggie, still mourn her loss. In search of answers and family ties, Savannah and Thomas attempt to search for their biological father, documenting the process through a podcast -- hoping it will help get answers to a seemingly fruitless search. The podcast goes viral, but they are shocked to see how their search ignites a national debate over privacy. Gretchen Anthony’s new book The Kids Are Gonna Ask is a modern coming of age story, “emotionally perceptive and sharply funny.” Gretchen is the MN author of Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners, and her work has been featured in The Washington Post, Medium, and The Write Life, among others.