Marshall Helmberger Investigates the NYT Poll for District 8 Swinging Almost 20 Points in 1 Month

Oct 19, 2018

Marshall Helmberger, editor and publisher of the Timberjay Newspaper reported to us today his findings and investigation in the almost 20 point swing between September and October in the Congressional District 8 race in Minnesota between Joe Radinovich (DFL) Pete Stauber (R) and Skip Sandman (Independent).  The New York Times has a follow up article to the latest poll here. 

He also tells us more about The MN Department of Administration ruling that emails from Pete Stauber (a current St. Louis County Commissioner) to the National Republican Congressional Committee concerning his race for Congress should be opened.  St. Louis County has refused to open these.  Though the state decision is non-binding, most local governments tend to follow their recommendations.