Live Music

Feb 17, 2017

Our latest CenterStage MN Concert was last night, (featuring a northern Minnesotan for the first time in the series!) with Sam Miltich & Charmin Michelle. I had the opportunity to sit next to a man, probably in his late 80s/early 90s. This dude was feeling the music, being transported in time; I couldn't help but share in his love. Eyes closed, singing along with Charmin, humming along with the music, head bobbing. MUSIC IS A WONDERFUL GIFT.

The whole crew last night put on such an entertaining evening. They are doing a tribute to Adelaide Hall on this tour, which gave great insight into the Harlem Renaissance and one of jazz's unknown legends. Evan Price, from San Francisco, was phenomenal to watch on the violin, mimicking the harmonica and guitar in ways you wouldn't think possible with a violin. Jay Epstein on drums might be one of my favorite drummers to watch between his expressions and movements. Charmin was charmin' (see what I did there?), and spot on with her vocals as always. And Sam, oh Sam. I think, no wait, I know we are spoiled in northern Minnesota seeing his talents in person as often as we do. He is something else, and above it all, an excellent band leader.

What I love about jazz is how in tune everyone is with each other. They have to be in order to make it work, which makes it such a collaborative experience for all in the room.

Coming up next month in the CenterStage MN Concert Series, is Corey Medina & Bros. and The Incepticons, a hip hop collective from Bemidji. A different sound than this month for sure, and likely a slightly different crowd. I'm really stoked to see what those guys have been up to and for you to see them!

Hope you got your tickets to Hot Club of Cowtown on Sunday! It's now a SOLD OUT show, but you can still join us before at Bemidji Brewing for a pre-show beverage from 4-7pm. We'd love to see you there.

Other live music in the area this weekend:

Friday, February 17th
Corey Medina & Bros.
CK Dudley’s in Bemidji

7pm @ 218 Taphouse in Virginia

Kind Country
The Red Herring in Duluth

Saturday, February 18th
Dead Man Winter with Glen’s Neighbor
9pm Pizza Luce in Duluth

Sunday, February 19th
KAXE/KBXE presents: Hot Club of Cowtown – SOLD OUT but meet us at Bemidji Brewing for a pre-show beverage 4-7pm!
Chief Theater, downtown Bemidji @ 7:30pm