Jobs in the past on Dig Deep with Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn

Mar 13, 2017

In the 2016 presidential election the candidates who spoke directly about jobs and job creation seemed to get the most votes. But what does that mean?  Will they live up to their promises?  Is there capital coming in and jobs that need to be done?  Or should the government have a hand in job creation?

In this month's Dig Deep we focus on jobs.   People came to northern MN because there were jobs to be had and work to be in the extraction businesses of mining, timber and farming.  But are there jobs now?  Are we thinking about jobs in the future or just  how they existed/were created in the past?  

Our commentators are Aaron Brown from  the Iron Range - he's an educator, author, blogger and host of the Great Northern Radio Show.  Aaron provides our liberal perspective on our topics while Chuck Marohn is a conservative commentator from Brainerd who is the founder and CEO of Strong Towns

In this episode Aaron and Chuck look back at the history of jobs where we live.

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