Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital's Local Response to COVID-19

Apr 7, 2020

On the Morning Show we continue to bring you local voices and local stories related to COVID-19.  Today we talked with Dr. Dan Soular, Family Medicine Physician & Vice President of Medical Affairs and Dr. Stacy Holl, Internal Medicine Physician.  Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospitals.  Their website has clear information on the latest news concerning coronavirus and they are looking for donations.  Currently they accept:

• Gloves
• Gowns (disposable)
• Surgical and clinical masks (Homemade accepted. See below for criteria.)
• N95 respirators
• Face shields
• Cleaning wipes with bleach (i.e. Clorox)
• Hand sanitizer swabs (Dacron, Rayon, Nylon)

THEY ARE accepting homemade masks:
Grand Itasca graciously accepts homemade masks that meet specific criteria. Your time and generosity can help  save lives.

Find out how to make masks here.