A Food System that is Accountable to the People: Harvest Nation

Apr 15, 2020

Harvest Nation has developed an indoor, aeroponic CSA farm that will serve the Iron Range and Bois Forte Reservation communities. The family-owned/women-owned/Native-owned company recently completed a feasibility study. Next they’re moving into a pilot project for which they are seeking customers.

Dani Pieratos explained how the idea to explore aeroponic agriculture grew from her mom’s (Denise Pieratos) research into the supply chain and whether crops like strawberries would be available in places like northern Minnesota if there was a fuel shortage. Harvest Nation’s aeroponic model uses much less water than soil-based agriculture. A nutrient mist is sprayed on the roots of plants (they plan to use high-pressure “fog-ponics”). Different types of plants can be grouped together according to their growing needs.

The company has a social mission to provide healthy food. “A food system,” Dani said, “should be immediately accountable to the people. It’s almost a sacred thing; giving people food, and then that goes into their bodies and energizes them.”

Learn how Harvest Nation is moving forward in the KAXE/KBXE interview below. To sign up for the CSA pilot project go to their website: www.harvestnationinc.com

In the photo above (L-R), Tracey Dagen is COO and Farm Manager; Nikki Love is Treasurer; Dani Pieratos is President and Sales and Marketing Director; and Denise Pieratos is CEO and Main Founder/Tech Expert.