COVID19 Update from Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital: Dr. Soular and Dr. Lick

Dec 3, 2020

At KAXE/KBXE we continue to keep you updated on COVID-19, whether it's daily information updates, our weekly Statewide Conversations with Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan  or conversations with local healthcare providers like Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital and Sanford Bemidji.  The information is always changing and we work together to bring you stories, information and conversation about life in a pandemic. 

Kids masks available as well!

Our gratitude goes out to you for supporting an independent National Public Radio affiliate - KAXE/KBXE - that's how we can do this kind of work, because of your generosity.  Every person who pledged in our GRATITUDE membership drive received a mask as a thank you gift because we are grateful you are making our communities safe.  Didn't get a chance to pledge or are a sustaining member who wants to claim a mask as your thank you gift?  Call us at 800-662-5799 or pledge online. 

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