Clayhill Farm and Forest: Tapping Trees, Raising Animals, and Teaching Ag Remotely

Mar 30, 2020

Harry and Judy Worm are the owners of Clayhill Farm and Forest near Brainerd. Right now Harry is busy hauling sap and making maple syrup, while Judy is taking care of calves and getting ready to try out new ways of teaching agriculture classes - remotely - at Brainerd High School. Harry and Judy covered a lot of ground when they talked with Dan Houg and Katie Carter on the Wednesday Morning Show. Clayhill Farm has been in Judy’s family since the ‘50s. Harry and Judy raise beef cattle, grow hay, and tap over 400 trees. Harry shared some of what he’s learned about making syrup in the 12 years since his initial investment in 10 taps and a turkey cooker boiler. If you’re interested in maple syrup, or if you’d like to try tapping a few trees this spring, be sure to listen!

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