Bemidji Library: Legal Kiosk, Women's History & Micro-stories

Mar 15, 2021

A lot of people think of a library as very traditional as a place to go and check out books and items. We are so much more than that. We're a community center. We have computers, we have fax printers, we have copiers, we have study rooms. We have our legal kiosk. - Ara Gallo, Bemidji Public Library

The pandemic forced area libraries to go about business differently over the past year.  The Bemidji Public Library rose to the call with a variety of options for patrons.  Now that restrictions have been lightened up, the library is back to being open for regular business hours and in addition to being a literary resource, in response to court restrictions in place due to the pandemic,  the library offers a legal kiosk where people can attend to a variety of legal issues.  Ara Gallo and Amy Karowski joined the morning show to discuss the legal kiosk, women's history month offerings, the online version of Bemidji Speaks,  and more.