Album of the Week: Nocturne from David Walters

Feb 12, 2021

Our album of the week is Nocturne by David Walters, a French singer/songwriter, producer and DJ. But this isn't a solo effort in a traditional sense - throughout the entire album, Walters is joined by a trio of masterful world musicians: Malian kora musician Ballake Sissoko, French cellist and bassist, Vincent Segal and veteran percussionist from Guadeloupe, Roger Raspail. Between the four of the musicians involved, they represent a good swath of sounds from across the world.

David Walters plays music ranging from electronic beats to acoustic folk, always with a strong Afro-Caribbean influence. His wide musical interest have brought him around the world producing, DJ'ing, collaborating, studying alongside Ali Farke Toure; truly an eclectic musician. In a time when some of what is considered the best music is multicultural with a focus on Black identity and culture, Walters gives the French/Creole perspective, at the same time helping reinvent Afro-Caribbean music.

Nocturne is a new kind of folk music, with a French/Afro-Caribbean accent that is modern and ancient at the same time. Check it out here, and let us your favorite songs, or other thoughts!