Album of the Week: My People by Cha Wa

Apr 30, 2021

The Mardi Gras Indian tradition and culture go back about 250 years in New Orleans; a culture derived from men of color wanting to celebrate the Mardi Gras holiday, but weren't able to participate in the time due to racism. Instead, they created elaborate, eye-catching suits that represented and payed tribute to the Native Americans around New Orleans that helped Blacks escape slavery, and offer them shelter.

Cha Wa is a funk band from New Orleans that plays music inspired by the style of the Mardi Gras Indian community. The songs on My People are about the human connection, based on Mardi Gras Indian folk music, songs of freedom; freedom withheld from generations of people of color, including Native Americans. While the songs are about all humans and our experience in the human race, the band also sees this album as being especially relevant for people of color, and about making it through all of this to the other side. 

Check out our album of the week, My People, by Cha Wa and let us know what you think!