Adam Levy In Studio

Jan 20, 2017

We had the first concert Thursday night for the 2017 portion of our CenterStage MN Concert Series with The Reif Center. The Honeydogs were here, and man, they were great. Have you seen them? I knew the band was going to be fun when I walked backstage into a flying Millennium Falcon with the guitar player doing high kicks to try and knock it down. They brought that kind of energy and level of fun onto the stage throughout the performance.

This series takes place in a small, 200-seat theater that offers a very intimate setting for a show. I'm always a little curious how the bands feel about performing in this type of venue, where the audience is nearly hanging on every word. According to frontman Adam Levy, these kind of places are quickly becoming his favorite places to play.

Get out and see live music guys. It's happening all over our area, and like one of our KAXE/KBXE members said last night, it's better and offers more than anything you'll find on Netflix or on your couch! Next month, we're hosting Sam Miltich, Charmin Michelle & Friends. An excellent venue for that show! Get tickets here.

Lineup Last Night:

Adam Levy - Singer/Guitarist
Trent Norton - Bass/Vox
Michael Geronsin - Guitar
Billy Thommes - Drums/Percussion
Peter J Sands - Keys/Piano
Matt Darling - Trombone
Stephen Kung - Trumpet
Maya Elena - backup vox

Also, Adam was in the studio yesterday for a chat with me during New Music, and I've decided he's one of my favorite people to talk to. He's so diverse in his musical interests and life experiences, that the topics are never-ending. Also, my new favorite word might be melange. Miss it? Take a listen here.