2019 Declared "The Year of the Cheese Ball"

Dec 12, 2019

This week KAXE/KBXE Cheese Queen Mackenzie Lindahl officially declared 2019 the Year of the Cheese Ball!

Mackenzie loves cheese. That fact and many years’ experience as a cheese buyer and local cheese aficionado is why she is the Cheese Queen.

To announce and celebrate this pronouncement, her majesty brought a homemade cheese ball to the KBXE studio, made of four of Harmony Food Co-op’s most popular-selling cheeses. The tasty, light greenish-blue ball included:

Mackenzie did not use a recipe. She said she combined about two parts cream cheese with one part each of the blue, brie, and goat cheese. Then she added a little honey and put the cheeses in her food processor. After it was fully combined, she rolled the ball in some sliced almonds and drizzled a little more honey on top.

Our taste testers, Katie Carter and Maggie Montgomery, agreed that the most prominent flavor was blue cheese. Mackenzie thought she could have added a little more honey and might have rolled it in bacon instead of almonds.

For a full account of the cheese ball tasting, plus ideas for other types of cheese balls for holiday entertaining (including vegan), check out the audio of the interview (below). Mackenzie provided a step-by-step slide show (above)

We’d like to invite you to add a photo of your cheese ball to our slide show!

Send it to comments@kaxe.org (and let us know what you put in it).

The Cheese Queen and all of us at Northern Community Radio hope you enjoy the Year of the Cheese Ball!