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Gilligan is Stranded: Juvenile Loon on a Lake in Nevis is Stuck in Open Water

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Debbie Center
submitted to Star Tribune

Debbie Center joined us today from the Nevis, MN area to tell us about her new li'l buddy, Gilligan.

Gilligan is a juvenile loon who is stuck in some open water, surrounded by ice. Rescuers have tried to help him out, drones have been employed - but no luck as of yet in getting Gilligan the kind of space he needs for a successful take off into the air to head south.

The story of Gilligan has taken on a life of its own: maybe it's the precarious times we are in, but right now, everyone can agree that Gilligan deserves to head south with the rest of his friends and family.

Debbie Center is an artist, photographer and runs the Facebook group Loony for Loons.

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