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Border News Roundup: Greenwood Township, Housing Prices & Chuckling Cheese

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Marshall Helmberger on Border News Roundup

Friday mornings Timberjay editor and publisher Marshall Helmberger tells us about some of the stories they covered this week. Today they talk about stories that follow what local governments are doing. Marshall tells us about theGreenwood township boards newly elected clerk Debby Spicer, who resigned during a meeting following a pay vote that did not include a pay increase for her position.

Marshall and Heidi discuss the skyrocketing housing and property prices in the area that are causing bidding wars and leaving people concerned about their property taxes.

Marshall ends the discussion by telling the extraordinary story of a local couple that turned a gardening misadventure into a boutique cheese business. Chuckling Cheese is a unique and delicious cheese made from woodchuck milk. Listen here to find out more about Chuckling Cheese or go to

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Heidi Holtan is KAXE's Director of Content and Public Affairs where she manages producers and is the local host of Morning Edition from NPR. Heidi is a regional correspondent for WDSE/WRPT's Duluth Public Television’s Almanac North.
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