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Laurence Leamer Brings Us the Story of Truman Capote's Final, Failed Novel

Laurence Leamer and his book Capote's Women
Michael I. Price
Laurence Leamer and his book Capote's Women

Laurence Leamer is a biographer, writer and journalist who has chronicled the lives of celebrities and politicians from Johnny Carson to Ingrid Bergman, the Reagans, and the Kennedys. His new book is Capote’s Women: A true story of love, betrayal, and a swan song for an Era, where Leamer tells us the real-life story behind Truman Capote’s failed attempts to write an exposé on the fascinating and scandalous lives of some of New York’s most elite society ladies of the 50s and 60s. Laurence gives us some insight into Capote’s troubled life, marked by talented writing, addiction, an obsession with celebrity, But he also gives us an interesting view into view into an end of an era – the fascination with society ladies would soon give way to the feminist movements and youth culture of the 60s.

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