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The End of Bias - A Beginning: The Science and Practice of Overcoming Unconscious Bias with MN Author Jessica Nordell

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There's a part ofJessica Nordell's "The End of Bias" that makes perfect sense to me. She writes:

In the field of ecology, there's a notion of an "edge", a place in the landscape where two different ecosystems meet, like the salt marshes where land meets sea or the riparian zone where a stream cuts a hillside. This edge is often the most fertile and generative area in an entire landscape, providing nurseries for fish and stopover points for migrating birds. Where one human meets another is also an edge. It's the place where bias appears, a space thick with potential for harm. But its also the place where we can interrupt bias and repair it with a different way of seeing, responding, and relating to one another.

The edge she writes about is playing out before our eyes.

Life is complex - a pandemic - violence and deep political fissures playing out on the local and national level - and questions and anger about who has the power to define...

This makes it really hard to realize that we might all have some work to do on a personal level. It's the systems in place, but it's also ourselves. I hope you'll take a listen to this conversation with Jessica Nordell....we'd love to have her back sometime for a community conversation.

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