Maggie Montgomery

General Manager

Maggie is a rural public radio guru; someone who can get you through both minor jams and near catastrophes and still come out ahead of the game. She pens our grants, reports to the Board of Directors and helps guide our station into the dawn of a new era. Maggie is a locavore to the max (as evidenced on Wednesday mornings), brings in months’ worth of kale each fall, has heat on in her office 12 months a year, and drinks coffee out of a plastic 1987 KAXE mug every day. Doting parents and grandparents, she and her husband Dennis live in the asphalt jungle of East Nary.

Ways to Connect

Table for 7 is a new farm-to-table restaurant and market that opened about a month ago in downtown Bemidji. Amber Lynne is the owner of Table for 7. She is also owner of the Red Barn Family Farm. She joined Dan Houg and Maggie Montgomery on KAXE/KBXE’s Morning Show to talk about what it’s been like opening a new restaurant in the midst of a pandemic, and how she is adjusting her operations and menu.

Sean Dunham is Archaeologist and Heritage Program Manager for the Chippewa National Forest. This summer Sean will be assisting St Cloud State graduate student Andrew Domine in exploring and excavating a turn-of-the 20th-century logging camp located near the Norway Beach campground. According to Sean, the site is currently being called the Wanaki (wa-NAH-key) Camp.

David Manuel has worked with local foods and food sovereignty on the Red Lake Nation for several years. He has worked with 4 Directions Development, Red Lake Traditional Foods, has helped till gardens, hand out seeds and vegetables and also started his own business based on gathering wild food and making jams, jellies, and maple candies called Muskrat’s Specialty Foods.

M. Montgomery

Janis Lane-Ewart has dedicated her life to cultural activism and community service. Late last year Janis was honored with a prestigious Sally Award. The Sallys are named for Sally Ordway Irvine, and they celebrate individuals and institutions that strengthen and enrich Minnesota with their commitment to the arts and arts education. Janis received the award for Commitment.

Kelly Dahl

The Cook Area Farmers Market is set to open Saturday, June 20. This year’s market will be different due to the Global Pandemic. They are committed to continuing to provide the Cook community with fresh local produce and other local products this summer, but in a slightly different way so they can keep their friends and neighbors safe.

Greg Webb

Greg Webb and Kiki Carter Webb have written and performed music for many years around northern Minnesota. Their duo is called Dancing Light, and they are used to performing 60-75 times a year. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed things significantly. "It's been a challenge," says Greg."We don't seek gigs anymore...We put out one little video from home. We recorded one song and sent it out. We haven't done much more than that. We're a little traumatized; not functioning at our normal level, which is...strange."

When harvest time comes to Vibrant Farm in Guthrie MN, DaNae Johnson’s crops stand about 2 1/2” tall. She grabs the leaves with one hand and cuts the stems with a sharp knife. “When most people are thinning out their gardens, that’s about the stage of when I harvest,” DaNae explains. “They’re tiny little plants and they’re just power packed with nutrients.”

Grand Rapids Farmers' Market

Among other things, Jesse Davis is a farmer, a member of the Grand Rapids Farmers’ Market, and Director of Member Services for the MN Farmers’ Market Assn. He spoke with KAXE/KBXE’s Maggie Montgomery and Katie Carter about the season opening of the Grand Rapids Farmers’ Market on May 6 2020.

Many art fairs are cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic
Bill Smith

When the economy "tanked" in 2008, Bill Smith decided to drop his work as an engineer and become a full-time soap-maker. He got his introduction to making soap at a workshop at Itasca State Park 10 years earlier, and had been experimenting to find the best formula ever since. Now he makes over 50 kinds of soap in his kitchen, and keeps the inventory in his basement. His business is called AM Soap Company.

Anderson Fabrics

Jennifer Morrison, sales and marketing director for Anderson Fabrics in Blackduck MN, took some time to talk with Maggie Montgomery from Northern Community Radio about how the company geared up to make cloth face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic. It's a fascinating story of how they created PPE prototypes, tried to source materials on the global market, the dedication of the staff who work at the Blackduck facility, and their appreciation for those on the front lines.