Katie Carter


Katie is our Area Voices producer.  

She gets to share the arts, culture and history stories of northern Minnesota. 

She also helps with website content, pinch hits on the morning show and whatever else needs to be done around the station. 

She worked in a one- year grant funded position for KAXE back in '08 and has been back at the mother ship since July 2016. 

Ways to Connect

There are over 3,000 archaeological sites in northern Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest, covering a range of time from just after the Ice Age (10,000 years ago) to the early 20th century. The sites include early logging camp sites, fur trade sites, recreational sites, and sites reflecting Ojibwe and Dakota heritage.

Sam Miltich stopped by the KAXE studios in Grand Rapids, MN Monday morning to discuss his upcoming concerts.  Proceeds from this Friday's concert at MacRostie Art Center will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SLPC).  Sam tells Heidi why SLPC's mission of fighting hate and bigotry is important to him.   The also discuss the powerful impact the arts have on society.  

Hang on 'til the end of the interview for a sample of Sam's music!  


Dan Anderson runs the Hockey House in Brainerd, MN and thinks about hockey more than most people.  We are grateful he took the time chat on Friday's Morning Show.   Dan shared his knowledge of the current Minnesota high school hockey climate, the reasoning behind participation trophies at youth tournaments and what's going on with Minnesota Wild Hockey.  Hockey - It's a lifestyle. You can keep up with Dan on Twitter!   He's @Hockeyhousebrd.  

Mental illness affects each and every one of us.  1 in 4 adults experiences a mental illness each year.  1 in 10 children.  We all know someone dealing with some level of mental illness.  

The Beltrami County Historical Society provides a space to travel through time and experience days gone by in Beltrami County.  

This New Year's Eve, the Beltrami County will host its third annual History Mystery in which historical figures of Beltrami County are all suspects in a murder mystery.  Could the culprit be Jane Russell who was born in Bemidji back in 1921?  

The public is invited to take part, learn about Beltrami County's past, have fun and meet new friends as they ring in the new year.  Doors open at 4 and the game starts at 4:30.  


  "I've yet to find an indigenous people who, in their language, there's  a specific word for art, because it's so intrinsic, and so much a part of who we are as a people.  It's there.  It's a continuous part."  - Karen Goulet 

Karen Goulet is the Program Director for the Native American Art Gallery inside the soon to be complete .  She stopped by the KBXE studio to talk about the impact and societal role of art and the impact the new gallery will have on the region.  

Karen Oothoudt via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch Page FB

Phenology is the biological nature of events as they relate to climate.  John Latimer has kept meticulous phenology notes for the past 30+ years.  Each Tuesday, he shares what he's noticed recently and cross references that information with the data he has collected over the years.  This week's report includes fox, a variety of animal tracks and an explanation of why one might have seen a skunk sneaking around last week.

Sue Keeler via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch Page on FB

Every Tuesday we gather phenology comments and observations sent in by our listeners and share them with the world.  This week, John Latimer reports on the Christmas bird count in Grand Rapids as well as tracks people have noticed while out in the wilderness.  

The Neilson Spearhead Center's Snow Sparkles and Winter Wonders Event for 2nd - 12th graders will take place Wednesday, December 28th from noon - 5pm.  Cost is $10 per single kid, $15 for 2!  To register your child/children for the event, call George Ann at 218.586.3414.  

via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch page on Facebook

Each Tuesday our resident phenologist John Latimer looks back on the phenology notes he's kept for more than thirty years and compares them to what is happening currently.  Click the link to hear what John noticed back in 1984 as well as what he's noticed this week.  

Tune in each day during the KAXE Morning Show and in the evening during  All Things Considered to hear John's daily phenology notes.