Katie Carter


Katie is our Area Voices producer.  

She gets to share the arts, culture and history stories of northern Minnesota. 

She also helps with website content, pinch hits on the morning show and whatever else needs to be done around the station. 

She worked in a one- year grant funded position for KAXE back in '08 and has been back at the mother ship since July 2016. 

Ways to Connect

“We want to cultivate communication, compassion and connection… We provide professional development in a variety of different ways to organizations, to agencies, to schools in the area. We really focus on helping people understand the impact of adverse childhood experiences…how historical trauma and intergenerational adversity impact us all and really help to build healthy, empowered, thriving communities thru this work.” – Linsey McMurrin discussing the work of Peacemaker Resources 

Unity in the community, what does that mean?  It can seem overwhelming or seem utopian.  Is that really possible?  If we don’t try; if we don’t have the discussions that we have to have that are a little bit awkward or a little uncomfortable… if we don’t have those conversations, if we don’t get into those sticky spots then things will remain the same. – Dan Gannon

“The only constant is the change… The state of Minnesota just built Minnesota’s tallest highway bridge.  This bridge is an amazing thing to walk on… You can walk across the Rouchleau pit and you can look across and see the old strata in the walls and it’s very cool... in the winter, during the snow storm you can walk out there and it’s just so calm and peaceful, in the spring you can hear the water trickling down the sides of the mine pit.

“We had a pet bear that lived in Nevis at the Pur-Oil station… Growing up here was wonderful.  I had the best this country ever had to offer…We’ve had the best of it, and we still do. ” – Gary Wolff, Nevis, MN

“I owe a lot to jazz…I was really shut down emotionally and I couldn’t really express myself or feel anything hardly.  A cousin of mine came from Laguna Beach, California…when he opened up his suitcase, he said, here’s a present for ya…he handed me two Louis Armstrong albums.  Those records changed my life.  I felt so excited and for the first time in my life I could emote and really let my feelings out and from then on, I just kept following jazz…it opened a door to a whole world for me.” –Anthony Swann