Katie Carter


Katie is our Area Voices producer.  

She gets to share the arts, culture and history stories of northern Minnesota. 

She also helps with website content, pinch hits on the morning show and whatever else needs to be done around the station. 

She worked in a one- year grant funded position for KAXE back in '08 and has been back at the mother ship since July 2016. 

Ways to Connect

In addition to its multiple gallery spaces exhibiting artwork created in locales ranging from across town to across the globe, the Watermark Art Center is home to an educational space that hosts learning opportunties for artists of all ages on a regular basis.  Beadwork pouches, jewelry, paper marbeling, christmas ornament creating and paper sculptures are just a few classes offered during the past year.

Bemidji Community Theater brings its second run of performances of the farce Boeing Boeing to the Chief Theater this weekend.  We spoke with Derrick Houle and Julie Kaiser on the morning show about it. 

Delina White’s I Am Anishinaabe fashion designs have walked the runways of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the world-renowned Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And they will soon make their way to the Northwest Indian Community Development Center in Bemidji.

The Anishinaabe have always said that there's a choice between two paths. One is well-worn but scorched and the other is not well-worn and it's green. We're always told to be arduous in our choice upon which path to walk...I feel like at this moment in time, that's where we are. And this pipeline is really about that moment of what we want to do - for the water and for the future. So this story and this film...is up to date, showing the commitment of people on the frontlines and the brutality that Enbridge has resorted to to put in a pipeline.

...besides the lakes and the woods and everything else, a big part of Turtle River is the people who live there...all the...artisan-type people that live in Turtle River... per capita, I think we're pretty high on talented people  - Mark Schultz

...it's just a different kind of lifestyle. And I think that for creative people, it really helps to have that that sense of calm... and separation - a place of your own. - Jeremiah Liend