Katie Carter


Katie is our Area Voices producer.  

She gets to share the arts, culture and history stories of northern Minnesota. 

She also helps with website content, pinch hits on the morning show and whatever else needs to be done around the station. 

She worked in a one- year grant funded position for KAXE back in '08 and has been back at the mother ship since July 2016. 

Ways to Connect

"In terms of how I choose subjects, it's kind of a combination of physical exploration and...Google Street View exploration...  I look for a... formal structure that appeals to me in a building whether it's dilapidated or new.

The Beltrami County Historical Society will host the second annual melodrama fundraiser Thursday, August 29th at the Beltrami County Fairgrounds.  Local actors will bring exaggerated drama and over the top characters to "Round House Nellie, He Can't Catch You There" and a play written by Bemidji-based author and playwright Roy C. Booth, "Grandpa Jim is Dead."   Beltrami County Historical Society Executive Director Gary Rozman stopped by the morning show to tell us about the event and the appeal of melodramas. 

"When we go to the bluegrass festivals, there's... jam rooms you can just go into... I kind of love just going into a group of people playing music and having no idea what they're playing and then just trying to play with them...It either works out or it doesn't... I just love the vibe and all that..." - Sawyer Corcoran, 11.

"Theater... helps me find who I am.  It has given me confidence in myself." - Charlotte Saxton 

TigerLion Arts, a professional theater group based in Minneapolis will bring Nature: A Walking Play to both Puposky and Ely this month.  The production takes audiences on a walking adventure through the meadows of northern Minnesota while showcasing the friendship between transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.  The experience