Heidi Holtan

News and Public Affairs Director

Heidi Holtan is News and Public Affairs Director for Northern Community Radio. She is on-air host and executive producer for the Morning Show and is also responsible for our local presence on All Things Considered and As It Happens. She produces thoughtful segments like Dig Deep and Strong Women.

On the job, Heidi is smart and creative. She’s an innovator and collaborator who works closely with news hosts and producers to help them achieve the best on-air sound possible.

In her personal life Heidi is a Minnesota Lynx fan, a Blandin Leadership grad, a self-professed bookaholic, a lover of cooking shows, and a former member of the Iron Range Maidens roller derby team. Heidi grew up on a resort near Brainerd, and used to “play radio” when she was a kid. She presently lives on a lake in Grand Rapids with her husband Tom and cat-dog Aiko.

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Smoking is on the decline in young people, but e-cigarettes are on the rise. 

Free Valentines!

Feb 14, 2017
Christa Theilen

What are  you doing for Valentine's Day?  Remember the days of homemade cards?  Listen to what these Minnesota sisters are doing for others this Valentine's Day on the streets of Missoula, Montana. 

For those of you wanting to avoid all things valentines - listen in to Julie Crabb's Dark Side of Love on KAXE/KBXE from 7-10pm.  Listen online! 

MN Discovery Center

In this month's Dig Deep we focus on labor unions.  Our commentators are Aaron Brown from  the Iron Range - he's an educator, author, blogger and host of the Great Northern Radio Show.  Aaron provides our liberal perspective on our topics while Chuck Marohn is a conservative commentator from Brainerd who is the founder and CEO of Strong Towns

Rural Electric Coops

Feb 9, 2017
Beltrami Electric Coop Facebook Page

We talked with the CEO/General Manager Jared Echternacht and board member Charlie Parson of Beltrami Electric Coop about the differences of rural vs. urban energy.  They helped us understand how rates are controlled, how renewable energy fits into the picture, and how people can get involved in their own energy cooperatives.


In 2014 The city of Duluth was named the best town in America by Outside magazine.  Their mayor, Don Ness, had a lot to do with that.  Elected to the Duluth city council when he was 25, he was mayor of Duluth beginning in 2008.


Lt. Governor Tina Smith talked with us today about some of the issues she and Governor Mark Dayton are concentrating on including making childcare more affordable, rural broadband and property tax relief for agricultural lands.  What are your concerns this legislative session?  Send them our way

There are so many topics to be covered when it comes to the Minnesota Legislature - whether it's the Governor's budget, health insurance assistance, bonding....Briana Biershbach from MinnPost covers the Legislature and gives us insight on the complicated subject of the Public Utilities Commission.  Right now there are many bills going through the Legislature involving the PUC that deal with a new natural gas plant, change in how citizens can publicly comment, pipeline issues and man

Fresh Energy

Our high energy lifestyles and high-speed, high-tech 21st century economy still rely, in great part, on 19th century fuels - coal, oil and natural gas.  While we still have abundant sources of those fuels, they aren't renewable and require vast infrastructures of pipelines, power lines, ships, rain and trucks to deliver, refine and distribute.  We hear about clean energy, but is it working in our state? 

Heidi Holtan

On Monday mornings we meet the people of northern MN who live their life off the beaten path.  This week Michael Schumacher and Marina Lovell who run a CSA from Cass Lake.  They talked with producer Milt Lee. 

MN Legislature

Last week we talked with one of the newest elected leaders, Rep. Sandy Layman (R) Cohasset.  We talked about the Health Care Relief Bill, Real ID and what it's like to be the new kid on the block.