Dan Houg

Chief Engineer

If you want it done, and done right, you can call on Dan Houg, Northern Community Radio’s Senior Engineer and Handyman. And, if you want to know how it works, you’ve got a friend in Dan. Whether it’s patching together the transmitter with parts from eBay or supporting volunteers and staff with help understanding the studio board, Dan’s available and ready to help. Away from the station Dan’s building, rebuilding, and repurposing stuff in between motorcycle rides and motorcycle movies with his gang. If you wonder about his qualifications, Dan’s recently been named president of the Association of Public Radio Engineers. Dan’s got you covered and is ready to help.

Ways to Connect

I think art is the highest form of hope and everyone needs hope no matter where they are in life. - Amanda Davenport, BAAE VP


...art creates kind of a higher level thinker. It's tied to that scientific brain. It's been shown to relieve stress and help people with mental health and...there are so many ways to tie it into policy and to ingrain it into what we're doing as a city.  I'm really excited about what we can do going forward.  - Emelie Rivera, Bemidji City Council

There were three different types of treaties that were negotiated here in the U.S. There were peace treaties …there were a land cession treaties…and there were treaties that created reservations… it says in the Constitution of the United States that treaties are “the supreme law of the land”…Without these land cession treaties, much of what is now in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, as well as many other areas throughout the country, could not legally exist…

Clayhill Farm and Forest

Harry and Judy Worm are the owners of Clayhill Farm and Forest near Brainerd. Right now Harry is busy hauling sap and making maple syrup, while Judy is taking care of calves and getting ready to try out new ways of teaching agriculture classes - remotely - at Brainerd High School. Harry and Judy covered a lot of ground when they talked with Dan Houg and Katie Carter on the Wednesday Morning Show. Clayhill Farm has been in Judy’s family since the ‘50s.