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Forests Love Clean Water, Just Ask U of MN Forest Hydrologist Dr. Diana Karwan

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University of MN scientist Diana Karwan studies the quality of water where it flows over and through forest landscapes. She takes water from our streams and medium sized rivers to identify what she calls the “chemical fingerprints” of these waters. Dr. Karwan is a member of the University of MN’s Departments of Forestry, and Soil, Water and Climate. Dr. Karwan will discuss the impact different forest landscapes have on water quality in a free, online program hosted by Itasca Waters Thursday, October 6th at noon. She joined Heidi Holtan on the KAXE/KBXE Morning Show to discuss her research and preview her presentation for the latest installment of Itasca Water's "Practical Water Wisdom" series. You can hear the full conversation by clicking the "Listen" player above.

Heidi Holtan is KAXE's Director of Content and Public Affairs where she manages producers and is the local host of Morning Edition from NPR. Heidi is a regional correspondent for WDSE/WRPT's Duluth Public Television’s Almanac North.