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Area Voices: The Babinski Foundation


All of our staff here are very passionate about our animals and we want what's best for them.  We want them to have happiness at the end of this. - Jennifer Lee, Babinski Foundation

The Babinski Foundation in Pequote Lakes started as a longtime dream of Donald Babinski.  His hopes for animals to have "the shot they need to find a great home" became a reality when the Babinski Animal Shelter opened its doors in 2017.  The state of the art facility offers a positive experience for stray or surrendered animals as they await their new homes.  The 200 bed shelter includes a veterinary clinic with radiology and surgical suites and over two miles of walking trails on which the dogs are walked four times per day.  Vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying/neutering occur on campus. 

In three years, the Babinski Foundation has re-homed more than 1300 animals, more than 500 during 2019 alone.  Future goals include a horse sancutuary and a larger presence across the midwest.  In this Area Voices segment John and Heidi talk with Jennifer Lee from the Babinski Foundation about the organization, the services they provide, their funding strategy and of course they talk about the current cats and dogs up for adoption.