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Dig Deep Strong Towns pt 3 with Chuck Marohn and Aaron Brown


What do buildings mean to a town?  What does the current model of large parking lots, big box stores, few trees and large signs mean to the residents of a town?

Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn continue the Strong Towns - the book - conversation here.  What makes your town special?  How do we plan growth in small towns now compared to before WWII?  Do things that seem small - sidewalks, trees, parks matter to where we live?

A new approach will require innovation, organic co-creation of the community, transportation systems that make sense, thriving downtowns, and a commitment to taking a hard look at the math before we make decisions. Right now, few cities have those conversations. Chuck Marohn and Strong Towns are changing that. We have the ability to rebuild our communities and create a broader prosperity. This book is your paradigm shift to get started. —Michele Martinez, Former City Councilmember, City of Santa Ana , CA, from the foreword to Strong Towns

Strong Towns fans the flames of revolutionary pragmatism. Chuck Marohn has done something remarkable here; he’s presented a practical response to the decline we see in our towns that reads like a revolutionary screed. He writes himself that implementing his ideas will be very hard for cities to do. However, I would challenge every city councilor, local leader and citizen to read this book with an open mind. To quote an old t-shirt, we need to question everything. —AARON BROWN, Hibbing Daily Tribune

There will be a live Dig Deep/Strong Towns conversation on Tuesday December 10th at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids at 7pm.  Please join us for a great night of conversation!

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