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Plastic Bags with the BYObag committee of Earth Circle

Earlier this week we talked about the overabundance of plastic bags in the world.  Barb Veit and Pat Helmberger are experts when it comes to plastic bags - they've been working for years to get people to reuse cloth bags.  They came in to talk about the current legislation that would lift the ban on cities banning plastic bags on their own. 

From the House of Representatives site:

Feb 28 2017 4:37PM ‘Ban the Bag’ ordinances could be trashed By Chris Steller Local governments would be prohibited from banning or taxing paper or plastic bags, under a bill approved Tuesday by a House committee. Photo by Andrew VonBank “Paper or plastic?” You could be assured of hearing that question across the state, under a bill sponsored by Rep. Jim Nash (R-Waconia). HF1504 would prohibit local ordinances banning merchants’ use of plastic or other bags with a ban or imposing a fee on their use. The bill would retroactively invalidate ordinances enacted earlier. The House Government Operations and Elections Policy Committee approved the bill, as amended, on a 10-7 party-line, roll-call vote. The companion, SF1195, sponsored by Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen (R-Alexandria), awaits action by the Senate Local Government Committee. A dozen testifiers offered their takes, pro and con. Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon said his ordinance, adopted last year and set to take effect June 1, 2017, was the result of a year of study, prompted by constituents eager for the city to follow the lead of such places as Seattle and Hawaii. But Jamie Pfuhl, president of the Minnesota Grocers Association, said, “Businesses cannot be the experimental grounds for cities’ whims.”

Heidi Holtan is KAXE's Director of Content and Public Affairs where she manages producers and is the local host of Morning Edition from NPR. Heidi is a regional correspondent for WDSE/WRPT's Duluth Public Television’s Almanac North.