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DNR Bear Researcher Dave Garshelis on Findings on the Isabella Bear

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Sean Williams, left, and Lake County Sheriff's Deputy Mike McGregor

You're not going to want to miss this interview with renowned DNR bear researcher Dave Garshelis.  He was in today to tell us what they've found out since the highly unusual bear attack in December in Isabella, MN.  Bill Vagts saved his corgi from the bear and got bit, then the bear moved on to a construction site.  The DNR has done extensive studies on the condition of the bear, what was going on at the time of the attacks, and tracks that the bear left behind.  So far they know that the bear was suffering from encephalitis caused by a virus.  If you know anything about this bear, that may have been collared or leashed and was found with unusually sharp front claws, call the DNR tip line 800-652-9093.