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They rhythmic biological events as they relate to climate.

Phenology Talkbacks and Official Report!

Katie Carter
Good Morning Moon

Every Tuesday our resident phenologist John Latimer takes a closer look at the natural world around us during the Phenology Show.  We share observations from listeners who send in their nature notes via phone and email during our Talkback segment and John gives his official Phenology Report noting the current changes in flora and fauna and comparing those to the notes in his extensive phenology journals. 

We’d love to know what you are seeing!  Send an email, email us a voice message from your phone, or leave a voicemail on our phone at 218-999-9876.  We would LOVE to hear what you have been noticing!

Phenology Talkbacks

If you are a teacher and want to get involved with phenology by incorporating our phenology curriculum into your courses, connect with John!  He loves to get kids and classrooms on the phenology trail!