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They rhythmic biological events as they relate to climate.

Phenology Report: March 31, 2020

John Latimer
swelling speckled alder

Every week John takes an indepth look at the subtle changes happening outside as the seasons move thru their cycles.   This week he reports on progress of trees and shrubs, birds leaving the area, birds returning to the area, and of course the status bald eagle family nesting near his home. It's a beautiful time of change outside!  Get out and enjoy it and then connect with us to let us know what you are noticing!  Call 218-999-9876 or email with your observations!  We'd love to hear from you! 

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As a mail carrier in rural Grand Rapids, Minn., for 35 years, John Latimer put his own stamp on a career that delivered more than letters. Indeed, while driving the hundred-mile round-trip daily route, he passed the time by observing and recording seasonal changes in nature, learning everything he could about the area’s weather, plants and animals, and becoming the go-to guy who could answer customers’ questions about what they were seeing in the environment.