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They rhythmic biological events as they relate to climate.

Phenology Talkbacks: September 12, 2017

Elissa Gallien via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

Roosevelt Elementary Phenology Report, Virgina, MN, September 12, 2017
Prairie Creek School Phenology Report, Northfield, MN, September 12, 2017
Northern Lights Community School Phenology Report, Warba, MN, September 12, 2017
Cuyuna Elementary School Phenology Report, Crosby-Ironton, MN, September 12, 2017
Sofie and Gracie Phenology Report, Blackduck, MN, September 12, 2017
Listener Phenology Talkbacks, September 12, 2017

School's open and the student PhenologyReports are rolling in!  What fun to hear phenology reports from area youth  along with our listener correspondence this morning.  Click on the links to hear what the kids and adults are noticing from Virginia to Long Prairie!  

Know of a teacher who wants to get students involved in the Phenology Program?  Send John Latimer an email!

Send along your observations and questions about what you are noticing outside.  We'd love to hear from you. Email or give us a jingle and leave a message at 218.999.9876.  Join our KAXE-KBXE Season Watch Page on Facebook to connect with others in northern Minnesota! 

Phenology talkbacks are made possible by the members of Northern Community Radio and a grant from the U of MN NE Regional Sustainable Development Partnership.  

As a mail carrier in rural Grand Rapids, Minn., for 35 years, John Latimer put his own stamp on a career that delivered more than letters. Indeed, while driving the hundred-mile round-trip daily route, he passed the time by observing and recording seasonal changes in nature, learning everything he could about the area’s weather, plants and animals, and becoming the go-to guy who could answer customers’ questions about what they were seeing in the environment.