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June 17th -24th: Mendo by Alex Cuba

Mendo by Alex Cuba, available now

Based in the small town of Smithers, British Columbia (population 5,351), Alex Cuba makes music that crosses the span of funk, flamenco, nuevo canto and bossa ballads all from his home studio. A multiple Grammy nominee, and obviously well-versed musician in many genres, Cuba plays all of the instruments on his homeade records.

When starting to write Mendo, Cuba knew he wanted a big sound, so he reached across the digital universe and connected with musicians around the world in Spain, Peru, Puerto Rico and beyond. The only instrument not played by Cuba is the 13-piece horn band from his native country of Cuba on the last and triumphant song, 'H X H'.

Unlike many albums coming out now that have a very real time-stamp on them relfecting on the past year, Cuba was determined to create an album outside of that perspective. The result? Mendo, one of Cuba's most collaborative albums to date, and one that definitely does not sound like it just emerged from quarantine; more like it just came from a party we all should be attending.

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