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Giving Music to Kids

My 10 year old nephew, is starting to discover music. Just went to his first concert, is playing an instrument, and is always asking for iTunes gift cards to purchase music. There are some albums (see pictures above) that stick out as integral in my music growth, starting around that age. And I want to expose him to those! But it's not as simple as going out and buying him a CD (no CD player) or vinyl (no record player). And I don't suppose I can give him a gift card with the caveat that he must buy a specific album, right?

So I've been thinking, how do you buy music for young people these days? I asked this during New Music yesterday and got some great suggestions:

- Buy him a gift card, and tell him "this $ is for the second Violent Femmes album,  and this $ is for whichever artist may become your 'classic'." - Mikki in Grand Rapids

- "I would suggest a subscription to spotify or amazon music, that way they can get exposed to every type of music and create individualized playlists."  - Dale in Bemidji

- "If you have vinyl to share, get him a turntable." - Jennifer in Grand Rapids

- Josh in Alabama seconded the Spotify suggestion - "I am happy with my subscription and have been exposed to all kinds of new artists while also listening to my favorite artists catalogues!"

- "Give him vinyl and teach him to appreciate the actual album experience in its entirety....There's just something about putting on a record and sitting and reading the liner notes as you listen to all the songs and not just the "hits"." - Chris in Minneapolis

Like I said, GREAT suggestions! Let me know if you have any ideas - comments@kaxe.org