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New grant programs aim to help domestic violence victims with unstable housing

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At least 24 Minnesotans lost their lives because of domestic violence in the state last year.

The state of Minnesota is accepting proposals for a grant intended to help domestic violence survivors get into stable housing.

This week, the Office of Justice Programs opened a request for proposals for the first of two related grants.

More than $710,000 is available to support community-based nonprofits and tribal government programs for those who have fled domestic violence and are experiencing housing instability. The funding could support various housing models depending on the needs of the community.

Those programs will help any person, unaccompanied minor or family that is without a permanent place to live that is fit for human habitation; fleeing or attempting to flee a domestic violence and/or sexual assault; or doubled up or couch hopping.

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A second domestic violence grant round will be opening later this month. That will offer funding to support flexible financial assistance, community engagement, and survivor-driven, trauma-informed mobile advocacy.

"The idea is to put resources in the hands of people who know their communities best," a news release stated. "Minnesotans have set up a variety of programs aimed at helping their neighbors, and our grant programs help support their hard work."

At least 24 Minnesotans lost their lives to domestic violence in the state last year.

If you are experiencing violence at the hands of a family member or loved one, help is available. Call 866-223-1111 or visit

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