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Grossell will not seek another Minn. House term in 2024

Outside shot of the building with a deep blue sky.
Heidi Holtan
The Minnesota State Capitol building.

Grossell, who serves District 2A including Lake of the Woods County and portions of Beltrami and Clearwater counties, announced he would retire to Alaska after his fourth term.

BEMIDJI — After four consecutive terms in office, District 2A state representative Matt Grossell announced he will not seek re-election in 2024.

State Representative Matt Grossell (R-Clearbrook).
Minnesota House of Representatives
State Representative Matt Grossell (R-Clearbrook).

District 2A includes all of Lake of the Woods County and portions of Beltrami and Clearwater Counties, like Bemidji and Bagley.

Prior to his election to office, Grossell was a retired Clearwater County sheriff's deputy. House Republican Grossell, who sold his home in Clearbrook in September, will return to the state Legislature in January. House Committees Grossell has worked on included Public Safety, Judiciary, Education Innovation Policy, and Veterans and Military Affairs.

Grossell’s tenure in office did not pass by without some controversy. Since 2017 he’s tallied two legal infractions; a disorderly conduct citation after verbally assaulting security and hospital staff while intoxicated in St. Paul, and a DWI arrest in Clearwater County in 2022.

“This has been such an honor to represent my community in St. Paul for these 8 years. A sufficient amount of time for one person to hold office,” said Grossell of his time in the Legislature.

“I am looking forward to finishing strong in St. Paul, especially through pushing for tax cuts, which are critical for families and small businesses facing record inflation. Additionally, I believe it is important to provide our officers with the support they need to excel in our state.

“While I look forward to retirement in Alaska to be near family; as well as with better tax rates and better support for police, I will always call the north woods my home. God’s blessings to my constituents, colleagues, and the state of Minnesota."