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Border News Roundup: Cement Spill, Boat Shortage & Yellow-Headed Blackbirds

Yellow-Headed Blackbird

Marshall Helmberger, Editor and publisher of the Timberjay newspaper, joins Heidi Holtan with news from northeastern Minnesota. This week Marshall tells us about an incident in Tower that happened last Friday. A trainee driver for a Duluth area ready-mix company accidentally dumped a line of cement down the entire length of Main Street.  This caused quite a mess and created a huge clean-up problem for the city. 

With the pandemic going on people are wanting to get out more and enjoy the outdoors. Marshal talks about the area boat sales and high marina demands in the Arrowhead Region.  The marinas are unable to get boats and motors to customers.  The same can be said for bikes, ATV’s and other sporting equipment.

There have been reports of an unusual visitor in NE Minnesota.  Yellow-headed blackbirds have been spotted in the area.  Normally they can be found in southern, central and western Minnesota but not the Arrowhead Region.  Listen here to learn more about the yellow-headed blackbird and get more news at