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Trygve Throntveit from the Minnesota Humanities Center on Debating Democracy


Trygve Throntveit is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Minnesota Humanities Center.  He joins Heidi and John on the Friday Morning Show to talk about their upcoming virtual event.  Debating Democracy, Then and Now:  Reflections on a Contested Concept will be held on Wednesday, April 21st at 1pm.  Trygve gives us the mission of the Minnesota Humanities Center and talks about their event.    

This event will be a facilitated panel discussion surrounding major debates, disagreements, and practices.  Participants can reflect on what democracy means to them and whom it is for, as experts on history, philosophy, and institutions of self-government discuss their insights. People can engage with panelists and fellow participants by asking questions and sharing thoughts in a communal chat box.

To sign-up for this event and find out more about MHC go to mnhum.org.