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Northern Voices: Duluth Folk School

Today on Northern Voices Leah Lemm talks with Brian French co-founder and director of the Duluth Folk School.

Before we had to get used to the “new normal” due to the pandemic… I visited the Duluth Folk School… It’s been closed in recent weeks, but join me on this tour and you’ll see why lots of people are eager for it to re-open soon. The Duluth Folks school is a great place to learn more about the traditions, sustainable practices and indigenous and ancestral ways of life of my neighbors… Okay. Let’s transport ourselves back to mid-January. I’m running through the frigid Duluth winds, to get from my car to the inviting warmth of the Duluth Folk School. It smells of coffee and other treats coming from the cafe on the first floor, the high ceilings above the seating area open and extend to a second floor just past the cafe. To my right as I enter the door is an indoor cabin, providing a bit a privacy from the large main room. I order a hot tea and sit with my thoughts until the time come for me to meet with the director of the folk school. I can see why one would want to spend time here. Soft music comes from somewhere, the whole place looks meticulously crafted with various woods and that I hope to learn more about.