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Spring Member Drive


If you listen to public radio (which if you're reading this, probably highly likely), you know the dreaded pledge drive...I remember in listening to public radio in other places, and I would change the station until the drive was over (don't judge too harshly, I was already a member!).

Listening to KAXE/KBXE during our pledge drive is different. Not in a 'that's different' Minnesota way, but truly out of the box. Sure, we tell you why we need you (and we do!) and why you should become a member, but we also dig deeper - sometimes things get a little weird, other times a little weepy,  sometimes straight up awesome. That's because we are real, authentic community members trying our hardest to provide  educational, fun, entertaining, intriguing, unexpected radio.

I have the chance to talk with independent musicians around the country, and the constant with all of them is that they love and understand the role public radio has in the music industry. They know their music simply would not get played if not for non-commercial, public radio.

And the very real thing is, we need you! We are at our strongest when we have a large number of members supporting and holding us up. Become a member now. Invest in this local radio station connecting you to northern Minnesota.