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Minn. children's author Margi Preus on fairy tale influences in her new novel 'Windswept'

Book cover of the children's novel "Windswept" featuring an illustration of a large tree with children hiding inside, atop a one-eyed troll's head, with whisps of wind sweeping about; also an image of the author, Margi Preus.
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The novel 'Windswept' and author Margi Preus.

Margi Preus' new middle-grade novel is an enchanting adventure, recommended for all ages.

Windswept is a middle-grade fantasy about a girl named Tag who must save the children of her world from being windswept, taken by the wind not to be seen again.

Tag teams up with a few other children who set off on a dangerous quest filled with enchantments, trolls and impossible tasks.

Margi Preus, Minnesota children’s writer and author of Windswept, joins staff librarian Tammy Bobrowsky and Grand Rapids Area Library Children’s Librarian Tracy Kampa to talk about this wonderful story inspired by the comfort of fairy tales during the pandemic.

Margi Preus interview bonus track #1
Margi Preus explains the premise of 'Windswept.'
Margi Preus interview bonus track #2
Margi Preus on who her books are for.

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