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Minn. writer Paul Radomski's new book unspools the mysteries of the walleye

Cover of the book "Walleye: A Beautiful Fish of the Dark" by Paul Radomski; color illustration of a walleye
Walleye: A Beautiful Fish of the Dark, by Paul Radomski

Minnesota writer Paul Radomski's new book reveals the secrets of our popular state fish.

MN writer Paul Radomski's new book focuses on what is arguably Minnesota’s favorite fish, the walleye.

In addition to being a writer, Radomski is a fisheries biologist and lake ecology scientist. His new book is Walleye: A Beautiful Fish of the Dark.
It’s a comprehensive look at the history, biology, and future of the species.

We’ll hear about the walleye’s ancestral beginnings and what lies ahead for this species, as well as what makes Minnesota’s state fish so popular.

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