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Phoebe Fox's New Novel Explores Loss and an Unlikely Friendship

Phoebe Fox on What We're Reading
Korey Howell
Author Phoebe Fox and her new novel The Way We Weren't

As author of the Breakup Doctor series and a former relationship columnist, Phoebe Fox loves to explore relationships in her writing. Her new novel is no exception. The Way We Weren’t follows character Marcie Malone–-despondent and heartbroken over an unexpected loss and the man she thought she could count on, one morning on her way to work, Marcie just keeps driving, leaving her husband, her job, and her life behind. She forms an unlikely friendship with Herman Flint, a gruff loner in his 70s when Herman discovers Marcie asleep on the beach in front of his home in Florida. As the unlikely pair slowly copes with the damage life has wrought, Marcie and Flint have to decide whether to face up to the past they’ve each been running from, and find a way to move forward with the people they care about most.

Tammy works at Bemidji State University's library, and she hosts "What We're Reading," a show about books and authors.