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Ken Follet's New Novel Takes Us to a Time Before "The Pillars of the Earth"


Ken Follett is one of the world's best-loved authors—having written thirty-two books. Follet’s first bestseller was Eye of the Needle (1978), a spy story set in the Second World War. In 1989, The Pillars of the Earth, book 1 of the Kingsbridge series was published and has since become Follett's most popular novel. Now Ken Follet adds another book to the series--he takes us back in time with a prequel to The Pillars of the Earth. The new book is called The Evening and the Morning.

It is 997 CE, the end of the Dark Ages. England is facing attacks from the Welsh in the west and the Vikings in the east. Those in power bend justice according to their will, regardless of ordinary people and often in conflict with the king. Without a clear rule of law, chaos reigns.