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Such a Fun Age: Kiley Reid's Modern Story on Race and Privilege

Photo: © David Goddard

Emira Tucker is a part-time babysitter, stuck in a bad apartment and a series of part-time jobs while her friends are settling into successful jobs with healthcare and nice apartments. Alix Chamberlin, Emira’s employer, a self-made woman who has recently moved away from the stress and excitement of New York City, is now bored and unsatisfied with where she’s ended up.  While babysitting Alix’s daughter late one night, Emira is faced with racially charged accusations and this triggers events that will make the two women confront their own fears and flaws and find their inner strengths. The story has heart and through the character of Emira we get to learn about modern social and racial issues from a black woman’s point of view that will hopefully leave you thinking about how you interact with all kinds of people.