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Diamond Knispel: Wild Whimsy of the Northwoods

  It's very whimsical, very wild...It's totally just about embracing the beauty of the wild world exactly as as it is, but also kind of how it feels when you go out there... it's realistic-ish, but it's also super design-y and illustrative. And that's kind of how I see the world when I go out into it... really beautiful, magical things. I try to capture that..And it's supposed to make folks who are looking at it see kind of that part of nature, the part that when the leaves, when they're laying a shadow down, it kind of looks like a light show at a at a music festival or something like the way that the shadows move...That's what Wild Whimsy is about.


...the show goes clockwise throughout the period of a day. So it starts at six thirty in the morning when the birds start singing and then it goes ... to eleven thirty in the evening. - Diamond Knispel

Painter Diamond Knispel's exhibit Wild Whimsy of the Northwoods hangs in the MacRostie Art Center thru June.  She'll be giving an artist talk June 16.  Click the arrow to hear about her artistic journey, her process and inspiration, how painting becomes a meditative process and more! 

Sometimes I'll be holding the brush and I'll be painting on a leaf for maybe the fourth time, adding detail to the small leaf... and I'm like, I'm still working on this tiny leaf.” But then something will just pop out of my head if I stop focusing on being worried about [the leaf]. These new conclusions about life and like- oh wow, that's what this meant when it happened six years ago or oh, this is how I can grow from that one thing, or  this is what I'm going to do tomorrow at my workplace when I'm dealing with this situation. Those things happen in my brain without me meaning them to when I'm painting. And it's so cool... I kind of let my brain go. - Diamond Knispel