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AV: Mark Granlund, Painter

Mark Granlund

...these paintings are really talking about that level of energy that's out there and those patterns that you find in nature that we also find within ourselves and how they line up and match a little bit...So painting these large scale paintings - to me, they sort of have to be large, because that's kind of the experience when you're out there. You're completely immersed in it.- Mark Granlund on his Unutterable Spaces exhibit



Mark Granlund's large scale oil paintings are creating a real "wow factor" for people driving, biking or walking past the Watermark Art Center in Bemidji these days.  Mark joined the morning show recently and discussed his process, his exhibit, and his style.  

...oftentimes when you get into abstract stylizing of nature, the artist's impetus for that often was to kind of seek a spiritual aspect of nature. So you moving it from the realm of reality and the senses to something beyond that and I really like that aspect of painting about nature... So in some of my pieces that are about reflections in the water, you will have a very much more realistic representation of the shore at the top of the painting and then when you get in the water, you get to be completely abstract and just work with color and line and shape and really, really have a lot of fun at that point in the painting. - Mark Granlund

Listen to the full interview by clicking on the arrow.  Visit watermarkartcenter.org to check out Mark's Exibit! 

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