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Ashley Kolka-Lee: Collage Artist

Ashley Kolka-Lee, Blackberry

"In terms of how I choose subjects, it's kind of a combination of physical exploration and...Google Street View exploration...  I look for a... formal structure that appeals to me in a building whether it's dilapidated or new. It will have some sort of formal quality to it that I think will translate well to the piece...the level of detail and the textures help me decide whether to go super tiny or a little bit bigger...I just have a massive quantity of old magazines and I'll flip thru them until I find the right trees, the right textures that evoke what I want to create." - Ashley Kolka-Lee, collage artist

Ashley Kolka-Lee's passion for her small scale, intricately detailed collages that depict life in rural Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan began with an assignment from her middle school art teacher.  She's been creating collages ever since.  Her exhibit, made up of pieces ranging from 3 x 5 inches to 8 x 10 inches opens today at the Lyric Center for the Arts in Virginia, MN.  John and Heidi spoke with her on the morning show about her inspirations, her techniques and how this passion for tiny paper cut collages began!  

The Lyric will host an artist reception for Ashley tonight from 5-7:30pm.  Her exhibit will be up all month.