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Area Voices: Three Thrillers at the Edge!


“We deserve every kind of wonderfully done human endeavor that anybody else deserves.  We are able to go to good movies. We are able to get books at the library. We are able to watch all the things on television that are any good… We have a wonderful radio station that enlightens us. There is no reason us and our kids shouldn’t be able to participate in the arts -that is, make our own theater, make our own music, make our own dance concerts to perform in, as well as see what the rest of the world has… if you have a beautiful theater, a place where the arts are honored… it puts a frame around it…We have been getting the very best of the touring shows from the outside…” –Patty Feld, on why the Edge Center for the Arts is an important addition to Bigfork and rural Minnesota

Patty Feld was instrumental in establishing the Edge Center for the Arts in Bigfork, MN.  Since its inception its attracted more and more art exhibits and arts experiences to the Bigfork area.  Tomorrow night starts a four day theatrical event that is both unique and thrilling.  Three Thrillers from the Edge brings three one act plays to the Edge Center stage. The Wasp's Nest, The Hitch-Hiker, and Sorry, Wrong Number will take the audience into a world of suspense and intrigue as the classic tales are brought to life.  Feld directs Sorry, Wrong Number and she spoke to us on the morning show about how each of the stories unfolds and how each will create its own world of mystery on the stage.  

Tickets for Three Thrillers at the Edge can be purchased at the door, at the Timber Rose flower shop in Bigfork or at edgecenterarts.org.  

Katie Carter started at Northern Community Radio in 2008 as Managing Editor of the station's grant-funded, online news experiment Northern Community Internet. Since 2016, she's produced Area Voices showcasing the arts, culture, and history stories of northern Minnesota. She's our local host of NPR's All Things Considered and CBC's As It Happens every weekday from 4-7pm.