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First Friday Arts Cavalcade: Grand Rapids


On the first Friday of the month we check in with Katie Marshall, Executive Director of the MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids.  Katie tells us all about the new exhibits at the MacRostie as well as the many other cool arts events happening around town.  At the MacRostie this month is the annual exhibition, Six McKnight Artists, featuring new work by 2017 McKnight Artist Fellowship for Ceramic Artists recipients Xilam Balam Ybarra (St. Paul, Minnesota) and Mic Stowell (Minneapolis, Minnesota), as well as 2016 McKnight Artist Residency for Ceramic Artists recipients Kosmas Ballis (Florida), Eva Kwong (Ohio), Forrest Lesch-Middelton (California) and Anthony Stellaccio (Maryland).

Also new at the MacRostie is the batik exhibit "Meadowlark Buried Her Father" by Bovey artist Vernal Bogren Swift. She tells stories with her batik art, a craft she originally learned in Indonesia. In addition to the exhibit, a film will be running showing Vernal creating her art.

Other art around Grand Rapids tonight includes jazz at the VFW, 3rd grade art at Frame Up, and even Zen Tangle Art in the commons of the Central Square Mall, among many other arts events going on in town. For a full schedule, visit the Grand Rapids Arts website.